The best way to track your fitness selfies.


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Snap your selfies

Match your (old) photos

Use Pushh’s super easy grid lines or toggle on your last photo as a transparent overlay as you’re taking a photo. You can match up to your older photos while taking or afterwards.

Log your measurements

Track your body fat percentage and body weight so you’ll be able to build a narrative around your before-and-after. Pushh also has HealthKit integration.

Organize and track

A glance at your progress

All of your fitness selfies are automagically laid out in a nice timeline style. If you’ve taken more than one selfie within a certain time frame they’ll group together.

Import & Backup all photos

Started your transformation journey before you were using Pushh? No worries, just import them from your iPhone and Pushh will put them in chronological order. iCloud backup included!

Export and Share

Easily export your progress

On the road to your ultimate fitness transformation, export a single fitness selfie or multiple fitness selfies at any time.

Beautiful before-and-after's

Eternalize your progress by selecting the photos you want as a comparison and create a beautiful image or movie. Make it more fun with filters and transitions.

Share your results

Show off your body transformation you worked so hard for to achieve to your friends on Facebook.


Keep your fitness progress private in Pushh by setting a personal passcode. You can also quickly unlock Pushh by using TouchID.


Tracking your progress starts with taking pictures periodically. Set daily, weekly or monthly reminders to get reminded to take a selfie.

Pushh in the news

"The app looks good and the idea is executed nicely."


"Pushh is easy to use [...] and an interesting new way to track your fitness progress"


"It’s basically a way to keep track [...] of your progress in one place as you get fitter [...]"


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Available on the
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